Einkorn Pasta from Jovial: Interesting and Healthy

Whole Grain Einkorn Pasta

My husband and I are amateur history buffs, so when Jovial foods contacted me to try an einkorn pasta, and mentioned that the grain had been the last meal of Otzi, a bronze age man that had been found perfectly preserved  frozen in the Italian Alps, I knew just what they were talking about.  I remembered a documentary we had watched, discussed the grain, and how this early form of wheat was a staple of his people’s diet.

This first species of wheat to be cultivated by man,  is again being grown in Italy.   From these crops,  Jovial foods has made the first ever einkorn pasta.

Some benefits of einkorn over modern wheat:

  • High in Thiamin, essential dietary and trace minerals
  • Good source of protein, dietary fiber and a number of B Vitamins.
  • Contains a significant amount of the powerful antioxidant Lutein
  • Higher Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) than durum and bread wheat
  • Higher content of proteins, tocols and carotenoids than other species of wheat.
  • Lower percentage of nutrient loss during processing

einkorn pasta

I first tried some fusilli with a tomato sauce on it.  It was O.K., but I am not a fan of fusilli to start with, and the sauce really didn’t seem to go well with this new kind of pasta.  The next evening, I made a simple dish of whole grain einkorn spaghetti, in olive oil & garlic with brussel sprouts.  I did use a little chicken base and white pepper to flavor it, and topped off with some parmesan, but overall, the dish was designed to let the nutty flavor of the pasta shine through.

The einkorn pasta was definitely better suited to this sort of a preparation. I think I will try it with chestnuts, or a cream sauce next time.

Jovial also makes a white version of einkorn pasta, and a gluten-free pasta, as well.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample of this pasta to try for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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