Lovely Reasonably Priced Whites… from the Big House

big house white winesI was on a red wine kick, until recently.  Zin to be exact, but I have been re-branching out, and thanks to a shipment from Big House Wine Company, I am having a lovely glass of blended white right now.  Whites need some acid,  but often they have too much for my taste.  Both of the white wines I tried from Big House, had a nice balance of acid.

The glass of Big House White I am currently sipping.  It would be a wonderful accompaniment to seafood.  Able to cut through butter reasonably well, but not overpower delicate seafood flavors.  At first impression, this non-traditional blended white had a fresh clean nose, which held throughout drinking.   Sipping brought a buttery start on the tongue, but overall a fresh citrus/apricot flavor, enough acid to gently cut buttery seafood or cream sauces, but still fruity and fun.

Yesterday, I tried the Birdman Pinot Grigio, from Big House Wines.  I never put much thought into Pinot Grigio until the last two I’ve tried.  Most were disappointing.  This one welcomed me with a burst of fresh ripe pear … oh yeah (my daughter is addicted to Red Anjou pears, so I know the scent & flavor well).  I also picked up a bit of vanilla & faint flora.  With time, banana appeared in the nose, and citrus was prominent on the tongue… sort of grapefruit, but not quite as tart.  I enjoyed it with vegetable lo mein, last night and a few bites of my daughter’s ramen noodles tonight… so it certainly has the Asian noodle category covered.

At $10 a bottle, and $22 for a 3 liter box, these are great buy and will both be going on my short (but growing) “buy list”.

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